Upper School Students Attend Latin Fall Forum

On Saturday, October 21, more than 20 ACA students ranging from grades 7-12 participated in the Georgia Junior Classical League Fall Forum for the first time since 2019. This annual event brings together Latin students from across the state to learn, compete, and have fun. This year, the Fall Forum was hosted by Walton High School in Marietta. Students attended workshops to learn about Roman desserts and ancient board games, find out how to make mosaics and signet rings, and lots more. Some students also took exams about Latin, mythology, and ancient history to test their knowledge against that of fellow students from across Georgia. Four seventh grade boys formed a team for Certamen: team Jeopardy with questions drawn from Latin class. Several students submitted artistic creations. Seventh grader Jay Starr depicted this year’s theme (“Many things which are naturally difficult are solved with ingenuity”) with a painting of Alexander the Great displaying resourcefulness by undoing the Gordian Knot, thought to be so complicated that it could never be untied, by cutting it apart with his sword. To demonstrate this theme on a banner for our school, several ACA students worked together prior to the event on an image of Hannibal crossing the Alps with an army (including war elephants), thus taking the Romans by surprise. Judging from the number of awards that ACA students took home in all categories, the event was a tremendous success. The next such event is the weekend-long State Convention in April at the Rock Eagle 4-H Camp.


Academic Tests

History (Latin I) 1st Place Andrew Stoer

History (Latin I) 2nd Place Lorelei Stewart

History (Latin I) 3rd Place James Walker

History (Latin V) 2nd Place Vivian Stewart

Language (Latin I) 1st Place Andrew Stoer

Language (Latin I) 2nd Place Thomas Padanilam

Language (Latin I) 3rd Place James Walker

Language (Latin I) 5th Place Julia Holladay

Mythology (Latin I) 1st Place (tie) Andrew Stoer

Mythology (Latin I) 1st Place (tie) Bennett Plaisance

Mythology (Latin I) 5th Place Lorelei Stewart

Mythology (Latin III) 4th Place Kate Mitts

Mythology (Latin V) 2nd Place Vivian Stewart

Mythology (Latin V) 5th Place Nora Franklin


Black Pencil 5th Place Celia Franklin

Miscellaneous 1st Place Zelia Stewart

Mixed Media 2nd Place Jay Starr


Novice 2nd Place

Team: Andrew Stoer, Thomas Padanilam, Miles Mosteller, James Walker

Sight Reading

Level 2 5th Place Joel Harte


50 Yard Dash (lower girls) 1st Julia Holladay

50 Yard Dash (lower girls) 2nd Rosemary Torres