Musical Arts Curriculum


The K-6 music curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of music. Students learn to read and write standard notation, perform through singing and playing instruments, and develop an appreciation for the great masterworks of the Western tradition.

7th and 8th Grade

The 7th and 8th grade core music build on the foundation provided by the K-6 music program. At this level students are developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of music from the master works of Beethoven to the development of modern music with Scott Joplin. Students also put their understanding of music to work as they compose and play six original pieces in the 8th grade using major and minor diatonic scales, chromatic scales, pentatonic scales, and whole tone scales.

Musical Arts Electives

Jazz Ensemble, Mr. Henriques (available to seventh through tenth grades).

This course is open to any upper-school student who is able to play an instrument and to read music pro ciently. Our study and performance will develop musicianship by applying general music concepts to song standards from the jazz repertoire. The Jazz ensemble just completed their rst year as a performing group directed by Mr. Henriques. This ensemble is an intermediate ensemble for players who have some experience. Next year the class will be offered as an independent study. If you are interested in be- ing in the Jazz ensemble a conversation and possibly an audition is required. If you are interested please contact Mr. Henriques at

Performance Ensemble, Mr. Franklin.

The performance ensemble pro- vides students an opportunity to perform music in a variety of different con- texts: solo, small group, and with the larger ensemble. The group performs a wide array of music, including Contemporary, Renaissance, Musi- cal Theater and many pieces from the standard repertory. Members of this group also perform in various venues such as the Cavalier Coffee House, community performances, and larger collaborative performance.