ACA Business Partners

As part of the Cavalier Fund, ACA Business Partners provides businesses another channel to donate to the school (versus individual donations to the Cavalier Fund). 

The ACA Business Partners program is an integral part of growing the school’s community reach and relationships. As a K-12 school with students from more than 20 Atlanta zip codes, our Business Partners receive extensive exposure through the benefits they receive during the school year.  ACA Business Partners make a huge impact on school operations, providing funding support, in-kind items and services, and vital discounts that help ACA a great place to be.  In return for your generous donations, you will receive extensive exposure throughout the year within our school community.  There are several ways to partner with us starting with as little as $500 – contact us at  for questions and see how your company could benefit from being a Business Partner. 


Thank you to our 2023-2024 Business Partners!