Fine Arts at ACA

fine arts Atlanta Classical Academy

The Fine Arts program at Atlanta Classical Academy provides students with an opportunity to explore, develop and be challenged in their pursuit to “learn the true, do the good, and love the beautiful.” Our purpose is to encourage and facilitate a space where students can create beauty in a variety of different media including the visual arts, theatrical arts, musical arts and dance.

The overarching program provides a continuum that both exposes students to the arts and provides avenues for them to grow and mature their skills and talents. Students are afforded opportunities to explore, develop, and be challenged by taking three types of classes: mandatory Curriculum, optional Electives, and optional Applied Courses. The mandatory Curriculum and optional Elective classes are taught during the academic school day, while the Applied Courses are offered as part of our after-school fine arts programming.

At the EXPLORE level, our K-6 Curriculum and Applied Courses create a solid foundation in the arts. At this beginner stage, students will have the opportunity to discover and investigate the arts, leading to a lifetime of appreciation and enjoyment.

At the DEVELOP level, our 7th and 8th Grade Curriculum, Elective, and Applied Courses will further challenge students in their knowledge and techniques. This intermediate stage will also provide a way to teach the students about commitment and perseverance.

At the CHALLENGE level, our Elective and Applied Courses will mold students who exhibit the passion, desire and aptitude to take their craft to the highest point possible. To be accepted into this advanced stage, students must be recommended or submit an application that may also be accompanied by an interview or audition.