Mr. Stone Named Upper School Teacher of the Year

Mr. Stone, ACA’s middle school history teacher, has been named this year’s Upper School Teacher of the Year. His selection was propelled by an overwhelming response from our community. He received a wave of nominations for the award from both parents and colleagues. Mr. Stone received over 30% of the family nominations submitted and nine of his colleagues across the faculty and staff nominated him.

Known for his dedication and passion, Mr. Stone is beloved because of his ability to build strong relationships with students, deliver ACA’s curriculum enthusiastically, and shape student virtues. He generously shares his time and personal stories and works tirelessly to ensure student success. Almost every day at lunch, you will find Mr. Stone on the basketball court scrimmaging his students. The nominations received highlight Mr. Stone’s irreplaceable presence on ACA’s campus. Here are a few examples:

  • Mr. Stone takes a genuine personal interest in each student, recognizing each as a full person who is worth the time and thoughtfulness required to truly understand him or her.
  • He inspires them to engage with, think critically about, and learn more about history.  He really connects with students and excites them about what he is teaching. 
  • An anchor on the middle school hall who teaches every single 7th and 8th grader. Daily, he can be seen playing basketball with kids during his 30 minute lunch break.
  • Mr. Stone has been the perfect balance of compassionate and challenging to me this year as a member of his department. I very much feel like he has my back and is always checking in on me and my work, even with all that he has going on.