Congratulations to our Lower School Quarter 1 Award Winners

Each quarter, Lower School students are awarded for a virtue that they have modeled and grown in throughout that quarter. Our K-2 students are awarded based on a specific virtue and our 3-6 students are awarded based on their overall modeling of virtues. 

Congratulations to the following students for demonstrating and excelling in our school virtues:

Art – Stryder Lemos and Virgina Bonapfel

Music – Asa Jett and Reese Stowell

Courage – William Kalen and Sarani Shabazz

Courtesy – Sammy Gray and Anna Setterberg

Honesty – Gaines Psiaki and Bennett Allvine

Humility – Jackson Hand and Leah Peel

Perseverance – Ridley Hill and Emerson Songer

Self-Government – Henry Hayes and Frances Lemos

Service – Rock Phelps and Emily Maddox

Visual Arts – William Dollacker and Riley Bayless

Music – Sebastian Herrera and Annie Hill

Athletics – Ian Grozdanoff and Evenlyn Wickstrum

3rd – Kai Anderson and Gemma DeMichina

4th – Omar Diallo and Wren Vogeltanz

5th – Davis DiCristina and Elle Stanfill

6th – Knox Bruley and Clare Germany

Virtue – Ansley Seymour