Our First Kindergarten Class Graduates 8th Grade

In honor of ACA’s first class of kindergarteners, who are now finishing their eighth-grade year, middle school faculty members set out to implement an event to celebrate these students’ time at ACA and wish them well as they enter high school. The result was an unforgettable first annual 8th Grade Convocation Celebration. Hosted on ACA’s turf field over a family-style BBQ dinner, over 200 parents and siblings were in attendance for this new school tradition.

Each eighth-grade student played their part in this variety show meets awards night, whether it was as an em-cee, teacher impersonator, storyteller, performer or rubix cube record breaker. 

 “The heart of this event was, as best we could, to bring out the flavors of the eighth-grade class by allowing them to host, serve, perform, remember, and celebrate,” said Mr. Nugent.

Two of the most memorable elements of the evening were the presentation of each 8th grader’s epithets – a phrase given by teachers that best describes what makes each student unique – and the “True, Good, and Beautiful” reflections from six students. Evyn Vogeltanz shared a moment when Coach Reed challenged her to see a limitation as a strength instead.

“This moment embodies the beautiful because the teachers and coaches care just as much or even more about forming our character rather than just our academic achievement,” Evyn said.

Thank you to Ms. Younker for spearheading this event, and to our parent volunteers Illeane Kreafle and Shelly Ellerhorst, who helped bring this evening to life.