Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering with the PTCA for the 2020-2021 academic year, please email Co-Presidents Wendy Herndon & Errett Kirkland.

Business Partnerships

2 Co-Chairs

  • Develop and maintain relationships with local businesses to advance the school’s mission;
  • Procure new partners, maintain existing partners;
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of business partners;
  • Communicate and implement the program benefits with partners;
  • Promote partners through events and marketing;
  • Coordinate with other committees that need Business Partner sponsors.

Community Partnerships

1 Chair

  • Track and promote loyalty programs such as Willy’s, Kroger and Amazon;
  • Coordinate communication plan to promote Willy’s Spirit Nights (Legenda, carpool
    signage, stickers, etc.;
  • Identify new community partners and loyalty programs.

Uniforms / Lost & Found Chairs

2 Chairs

  • Maintain and sort lost/found items weekly, email parents of labeled item(s), post nonlabeled items on the Facebook community group
  • Host several Used Uniform Stores with 2 of those being in July and August;
  • Work closely with the school Admin, Dennis reps and Tommy Hilfiger reps to stay abreast of changes to uniform offerings; (discontinuation of an item, fabric change of an item, out of stock, etc.), changes in school policy, etc.

Bingo Night

2 Volunteers (Fall Event)

  • Work to procure a bingo license 2 months prior to event;
  • Manage ticket and concession sales, obtain prizes, and determine dinner offerings and solicit for food donations;
  • Recruit event volunteers and supplies, and recruit celebrity callers