Upper Elementary Teacher


The school is seeking an upper-elementary teacher with a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences.  The curriculum is modeled after the Core Knowledge sequence for literature, history, and science; a phonetic reading and spelling program; mathematics; and English grammar.  A demonstrable command of the English language is essential.  The candidate should be able to teach complex ideas to children, have a solid command of the classroom, and be able to shape the character of young boys and girls.  Certification is not required for this position.

The Atlanta Classical Academy is a classical charter school that opened K-8 in the 2014 academic year and will graduate its first class this May.  The curriculum in the elementary school consists in explicit phonics in spelling and reading; grammar via diagramming; the Core Knowledge sequence (not to be confused with Common Core) in literature, history, and science; Singapore math; and rudimentary Latin and Greek roots.  Formal Latin is studied from the sixth to the eighth grades, and another year of Latin is required in the high school.  The reading of great books informed by Socratic discussion commences in the elementary school.  The upper-school curriculum centers on the reading and discussion of great books in literature and primary sources in history and on a thorough understanding of both the facts and the concepts in mathematics and the sciences.  The study of art and music is required K-8, and art and music electives are offered as well.  To graduate, all seniors must write a senior thesis and deliver and defend it orally in front of their fellow students, members of the faculty, and the principal.  Teachers are hired based upon their mastery of academic disciplines and the ability to convey knowledge to young people.  They should also have the ability and desire to shape the character of youth through an explicit teaching of the moral virtues. 

Interested candidates should send a curriculum vitae, a letter of interest, a brief essay on their philosophy of education (circa 500 words) and copies of college transcripts to hr@atlantaclassical.org.  Unofficial transcripts will do initially.  Questions should be addressed to the principal, Mr. Chris Knowles, at cknowles@atlantaclassical.org.  Candidates must both understand and support the mission and philosophy of classical education and of Atlanta Classical Academy.