The Sports Report

By David West, Junior and varsity basketball starter

On November 29, the boys’ varsity basketball team took on the Atlanta Jewish Academy Jaguars, scoring a hard-fought win with an aggressive defense and a fast-paced offense.

ACA established court presence during the first half of the game, getting a solid lead on the scoreboard.  During the second half, AJA tried to battle their way back into the game, but by then the Cavaliers had taken over the court. Noah Wiley hit critical three-point shots to bolster the lead. Trey Matthews had a solid scoring run, along with a plethora of rebounds. Sam Hilgeman and Kaulin Reynolds’s electric defense led to many fast-break opportunities for the squad. Holden Smith dominated the paint as he towered over everyone on the court.

With a large lead on the scoreboard, the Cavalier reserves were able to get into the action. Alex Lvov hit a high-flying three-pointer and Zelig Riyanto hit a buzzer-beater layup to cap off a nice win for the Cavs.

Overall, it was a great night for the Cavalier basketball culture and everyone enjoyed the dominant win.