Senior Spotlights

As we approach graduation, we thought it would be fun to hear from some of our inaugural seniors on their favorite Atlanta Classical memories.

Shamiel Moore

“While it’s hard to pick out a single moment of great remembrance of ACA, if I had to pick one, it would be the very first school dance. I wasn’t entirely comfortable in out-of-class situations with my classmates in 8th grade, as I was still trying to get accustomed to a predominantly white school. Fearful as it may have been, I went anyway and found myself having the best time of my young life. I distinctly remember a particular song that I thought I only listened to, yet many others loved it as well. Also I got a great picture with my crush at that time that I still cherish to this day. In the fall I will be studying Multimedia Journalism at The University of Alabama and I couldn’t be more excited!”

Ansley Maynard

“I am Ansley Maynard and I am going to Denison University this fall and I plan to major in music to uphold my vocal scholarship. My favorite ACA memory is when Mr. Franklin made us yell “HEY HEY HEYYY” to the wall as a warm-up on the very first day of chorus in 8th grade. I was planning on switching out of chorus, but after that I decided to stay. Another favorite memory would be when Dan helped me switch every portrait in Mr. Schepps’ high school room with a picture of Ayn Rand of the (close to) exact dimensions. We didn’t finish until 8:30 p.m. that night.”  

Ellie Valentine

“My name is Ellie Valentine, and I am planning on attending the University of Georgia in the fall. My favorite memory from ACA has to be the prank our class pulled on Mr. Schepps in 8th grade. With the help of Mr. Nugent, we decided to walk into literature and not say a word (in a discussion-based class, the problem becomes evident). Mr. Schepps started to threaten to give pink slips and mark us absent if we didn’t answer roll. I grabbed my pink slip and ran to Mr. Nugent (which was not planned, I kind of ruined the prank, oops), and then went back to class. I think I was actually marked absent for that class. The prank had no effect on Mr. Schepps (except he might still be mad he lost that class time), but still remains one of my favorite memories to this day. It is still lovingly referred to as ‘silent day’ in our grade.”

Max Tippett

“When I think back on my time at ACA, home basketball games have always been a time of peak happiness. These games were so much fun as the ACA community was at its best, cheering on the Cavaliers together as one. From watching halftime shows by the cheerleaders to watching our players play their hearts out; from making noise during opposing free throws to making signs for my friends; from yelling and screaming on the sidelines to seeing people of all grades come together; ACA basketball games will always be a happy memory in my life.

“Currently I am waiting to hear back on scholarships and financial aid, but my number one choice for college is Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. There my current plan is to double major in Political Science and Economics with a possible minor in Art History.”

Jeanne Werner

“My favorite memory at ACA would be the year I took AP Biology. As hard as that class was, there were tons of enjoyable memories made that year enjoyable such as going to the Blue Heron Nature Preserve and seeing the turtles and beavers, growing plants that only lasted a few weeks, raising pill bugs, eating chocolate croissants during our practice AP Bio test, and going to Yeah Burger and Jeni’s after the real AP Bio test. I became extremely close to the people I took AP Biology with that year and created many funny memories.

“At the moment, I am interested in either taking a gap year to travel, or attending McGill University in the fall.”

Erys Dennis

“Although it is bittersweet, my favorite high school memory is the day before Christmas break started. The senior class all got together in the literature classroom after finishing our last final that day and we all just sat and reminisced over the past four years. As we sat there, a lot of us cried while others laughed, but I was reminded that we have become a family here and I will never forget them.  

“I am currently undecided, but Howard University is my number one choice.”

Rianah Gentry

“My favorite senior memory was Senior Day. We all got together to decorate the school vans the day before and rode in them with our class to school. It was awesome to be welcomed by the entire Upper School in a paraded line. We felt like royalty! That memorable day ended with a fun breakfast full of laughter and singing. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

“I am currently undecided on my college choice but Georgia State University is on the list.”