School Supplies

Atlanta Classical Academy will be providing each Elementary student with a full set of school supplies to start the year with the exception of an organizational binder/folder.  Listed below are the binders/folders requested for the pertinent grade levels.    If you have questions, please check with your child’s individual teacher during Open House to determine what, if any, additional organizational supplies might be helpful.  Your child should arrive on the first day of school in uniform with a backpack (provided by student), a snack, a water bottle, and lunch (if applicable).

2nd:  1½ – 2 in. binder
3rd:  2 in. zip binder and 7 dividers with pockets
4th:  7-pocket accordion folder
5th:  7-pocket accordion folder
6th:  See teacher at Open House

Parents of Middle School students click here for required materials list and instructions concerning student organization in the upcoming school year.

The items High School students need are relative to students’ grade or class choice (such as Spanish or Art) and some are relative to particular math classes (not every math requires compass and protractor).  Therefore, you will need to wait to see your child’s individual class schedule in order to gather these supplies. The minimum requirements for each class are a durable plastic folder and a composition book for note-taking.