Conversations with Cavaliers


Mrs. Holloway
Mrs. Holland School Nurse

Mrs. Holloway and Nurse Holland

In this issue, Mrs. Holloway (Upper School Latin) interviews Nurse Holland about her life-long passion for serving others – from medical care to service projects for her family.

Mrs. Boyd
Mr. Henriques

Mrs. Boyd and Mr. Henriques

Mr. Henriques (K-6 Music) converses with Mrs. Boyd (K-6 Riggs Phonics & Literacy Coordinator) about her views on the importance of elementary education, the Dawgs, and Harry Potter.

Mrs. Boyd
Mrs. Shelton

Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Shelton

In this issue, Mrs. Boyd (K-6 Riggs Phonics & Literacy Coordinator) converses with Mrs. Shelton (first grade) about classical education, self-government, and of course, her infamous Mrs. Frizzle outfits.

Mr. Knowles principal


Here’s what happened when second grader Tait Stubits teamed up with senior and student government president Natalie Spangler to ask Mr. Knowles some hard-hitting questions.