Hard Work Pays Off

by Jacob and Boyd Balsley

The last game of the first semester was against the toughest team in our division, Davis Academy. After a rough loss, our coaches came up with a new practice plan for the month of January. We needed to increase our focus and get in the best shape possible. This plan would include lots of conditioning and hard work.

We began practicing this new method on the last week of Holiday Break. One of the main features of these January practices was “17s”, in which you sprint from sideline to sideline 17 times in under one minute. These drills were painstaking, but definitely helped us improve as a team – not just by making sure we didn’t make preventable mistakes, but also getting all of us into great shape. For example, our first game of the season was against The Museum School. We lost by eleven points and only put up fifteen. When we recently played them in the playoffs, we beat them by at least fifteen points and scored over 50. Also, we won every single game in the month of January.

Even though we all dreaded those 17s, the hard work and determination paid off and helped us become a better overall team.