Faculty Showcase

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Faculty Showcase Talents in Recital
By Isabella Sheehan, Senior

On Thursday, August 30, Atlanta Classical faculty and staff held the second annual “Faculty Showcase” at Wieuca Road Baptist Church. 1.Fine Arts Director Mr. Franklin served as emcee for the evening and began by giving everyone a few minutes to view artwork by Miss Adams and Miss Womack, who answered questions about their pieces. Then, Mr. Franklin sang, accompanied by Mr. Henriques, who also told a story about a man in love, begged the audience to hear the song with new ears, and played “Für Elise.” Mr. Gwak then sat down at the piano bench and addressed the audience, none of whom knew until last year that he could play piano, much less sing! He dedicated his song to his students who “lift him up every day.”  
Before Mrs. Wiggin’s piece, she spoke about the beauty of both playing an instrument and teaching others how to play. Ms. Holsher told the audience how she had to be forced to take lessons when she was younger, but now she sings because it makes her happy. Forgetting to pretend he still had to limp, Mr. Nugent took the stage and talked about his family being Irish and his love of Irish folk music. Once he realized how long he had been talking, he explained how no one should clap when they initially think the song is over, because it’s not. Then, in an Irish accent, he began to sing. Before the next song began, Mr. Franklin said how Mr. Baxter was taking a risk by singing such a hard song, yet he amazed the crowd with an emotional song from “Les Misérables.”

Finally, what everyone had been waiting for… it was time for Mr. Knowles‘ debut. The question everyone, including Mr. Knowles, was wondering was, would he be able to pull off Dr. Roth‘s comedy skit? He began to read through the skit about a movie Dr. Roth found on Hulu called, “If You Meet Sartana…Pray for Your Death.” Dr. Roth noted that the movie title has both a main and subordinate clause, and Mr. Knowles quipped, “Who thinks that when looking at movie titles?” Lastly, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Baxter closed out the night with a song from “Huckleberry Finn.”