Celebrating Black History Month

by Pamela Williams-Phelps

The ACA Multicultural Initiative invited Atlanta Classical Academy staff, students, and parents to attend a thought-provoking, expansive, and intriguing festival of African-American films throughout the month of February. Beginning February 1, the series culminated on February 22 with “Everybody Eats Rice,” a multicultural tasting event of traditional dishes served with rice enjoyed by people of various regions, cultures, and countries. Events included:

  • Friday, February 1 – Excerpts from “Hidden Colors: The Untold History of People of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent,” with a powerful group discussion led by Mr. Reed.
  • Saturday, February 9 – “The African Americans, Many Rivers to Cross,” narrated by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., explored the evolution of African-American people as well as the multiplicity of cultural institutions, strategies, and religious and social perspectives they developed to survive.

  • Friday, February 15 – Written over 50 years ago, the Oscar-nominated film, “Imitation of Life,” explored the ageless themes of single motherhood, balancing family and career, race relations, and what happened when a fair-skinned African American woman was easily mistaken as Caucasian.

  • Friday, February 22  – “Everybody Eats Rice,” a community event designed to embrace the culturally diverse student body at Atlanta Classical Academy and promote greater multicultural understanding. Multicultural Initiative parents shared various cultural dishes served with rice.

Each event provided a unique opportunity to break down barriers, dispel myths, and share across human experiences, ultimately increasing awareness and cultural understanding. Thank you to The Multicultural Event Planning Committee for their leadership in bringing this series to life: Pamela Williams-Phelps, coordinator; Melody Cook-Blount; Kamilah Cole; Melissa Faux; Nurse Holland; and Mrs. Thompson.  

The Multicultural Initiative is committed to creating an extraordinary educational experience for all children such that they are prepared to go out into the world, compete with their peers globally, fulfill their highest potential, and make a difference. Parents and students plan events to help them fulfill on this possibility of excellence. All Atlanta Classical parents are welcome to join the Multicultural Initiative. Contact Pamela Williams-Phelps for more information.