Cavaliers Serve- Indian Creek Park Naming Ceremony on February 10, 2018

Friends of Indian Creek Park marks an Historical Day on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 10:00am with the Official Park Naming Ceremony of “Indian Creek Park” at 3148/3162 Lenox Road.

     It’s hard to believe that just a little more than one year ago, Atlanta Classical Academy’s high school students were presented with a rare opportunity and a challenge to put their thumbprint on a patch of greenspace located in the heart of Buckhead on Lenox Road, just south of Lenox Mall.

     Specifically, our students were given the daunting task to create a park!!  The Student Government met and discussed various ways of getting involved.  Our high school students participated in a couple of major clean-up days on the property and launched outlets through social media.  They had the pleasure of meeting with community and civic leaders, expressing their desire to serve their local community by creating a park located where two residential properties once stood.  This property happens to be one of the few pieces of greenspace left in our ever-changing community and cannot be developed commercially.  One of our students met with the former resident of one of properties who gladly shared much of the very rich history attached to the properties.   As our neighborhood becomes more vertical in scope and our city-scape continues to sprawl, our students felt committed to “preserving” a bit of history and green space for all to enjoy.

     The vision of our students aligned almost perfectly with the vision of Howard Shook, Member of the Atlanta City Council District 7 who sponsored legislation for the city’s purchase of the two properties which were purchased by the city in two separate transactions.  Howard Shook has worked hard to double the number of acres dedicated to parks and greenspaces in his district. His goal is to put everyone within a 15-minute walk to a park or trail.  

     Our students are fortunate to have an opportunity to be part of a long-term project within our community to create this “passive park” which will provide both tranquility and rest to our friends, neighbors and the community. Our commitment is to work with the local community and establish phases for ongoing high school student involvement which will include but not be limited to visioning, design, development and fund raising.  We will to continue to mature one of our schools’ virtues of serving and giving back. 

     We are thankful to Howard Shook for his commitment in securing these properties and the opportunity to be involved.  We also want to Garth Peters, Executive Vice President of the Buckhead Coalition, Nancy Bliwise, Chair NPU-B and Zone Chair for Pine Hills neighborhood, Dan Calvert and the folks at the Parks Department and John Ahern at Park Pride. They have been instrumental in providing guidance and encouragement to our students each step of the way.

     With that in mind, we would like to invite all Atlanta Classical Academy families, faculty and staff,  the Pine Hills Neighborhood and the local media to join Ms. Amy Phuong, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation for the City of Atlanta,  Mr. Howard Shook and  Mrs. Sally Silver from the Atlanta City Council, District 7; and the Indian Creek Park Steering Committee to the Official Park Naming Ceremony of “Indian Creek Park” – Saturday February 10th at 10:00am.  After the presentation, ceremony and refreshments a Clean-Up Day will follow until 12:30pm.