Behind the Scenes: Kiddos

by Lara Cornett, Founder and Director of Kiddos Atlanta

My name is Lara Cornett and I’m the founder and owner of Kiddos Atlanta. Simply put, Kiddos is my life.

I started Kiddos eight years ago, after an “aha!” moment led to months of planning an after-school experience that was truly AWESOME — offering more choices, high-energy teachers, Fridays that were real events, and an atmosphere of engagement. It became my mission to change the culture of after-school programming. Over the years, my role has shifted from interacting daily with children and parents as an onsite director, to a behind-the-scenes role where I lead an extraordinary group of directors and teachers.

My team and I recognize that it’s the small details that matter, not just to you as parents, but also to your children. For some kids the school day can be exhausting and having time at Kiddos to decompress with a puzzle is sometimes the perfect remedy. For other kids, Kiddos is all about adventure — I have heard at least a couple of Kiddos@ACA students discuss in great detail the “Tiefling” character they are creating in our Dungeons and Dragons activity. And, for all kids, Kiddos@ACA is about encouragement: on one day this past week, three of our students were publicly recognized by staff for exhibiting kindness and sportsmanship and the whole program cheered for them.

Granted, it’s not just all fun and games for us!  This week I conducted Kiddos@ACA’s semi-annual program evaluation, looking at 175 specific details that we incorporate into every Kiddos program to make sure that your kids are not just safe, but truly having fun and enriching experiences while with us.  As part of these evaluations, I question what entails proper planning for a Kiddos “Fun Friday”; I wonder what number of snack choices will meet the needs of our students (It’s 12!); and, I make sure every child gets an individualized greeting.

At Kiddos@ACA, we pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe, activity-rich program for your children and being a part of the closely-knit ACA community is something we do not take lightly. Just this year we were able to donate $3,000 to ACA specifically to increase safety on the playground.

We are grateful we get to create magic every day at Kiddos and are so glad that your children are part of it!